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Michael Quinn, Former Kaiser Manager: Risk Management Consulting

Michael Quinn, former senior executive with Kaiser Permanente, is currently a consultant with 2MQ Risk Management Consulting. Part of his responsibilities in this role include providing corporate and multi-national clients risk management and insurance management consultations to cultivate strong teams and leadership to achieve organizational success.

Throughout each step of a risk management consultation, it is vital to consult and communicate with everyone in an organization. In addition, periodic review and monitoring is an integral part of risk management because this step if often given inadequate attention. This often results in risk management processes becoming ineffective, inefficient, and inadequate. By effectively monitoring and performing periodic reviews, organizations can ensure that important information generated by the risk management process is captured, used, and maintained.

As a former Director of Risk Management with Kaiser Permanente, Michael Quinn understands that organizational risks are not static. Factors that can affect the likelihood and consequences of a negative outcome or event often change, as well as the factors that affect the suitability or cost of the various risk mitigation options. Periodic review is a critical part of the overall risk management plan an organization develops and a risk management consultation should always be a fundamental part of core business functions and treated as such.

According to Michael Quinn, a former Kaiser senior manager, "Risk management should be fully incorporated into the operational and management processes at every level of an organisation and should always be driven from the top down."

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Michael Quinn Kaiser
Michael Quinn Kaiser
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